Question Answer
How do I enter the competition? To enter, send an SMS with the word PLAY to 30499
How do I opt-out of the competition? If you no longer wish to participate, send the word STOP to 30499.


If you are a VIP player, this will cancel your VIP subscription but you can continue to play for free. Send the word STOP again to completely opt-out of the campaign.

Can I re-enter the competition after I have opted-out? Yes. You can always opt-in again by sending PLAY to 30499. Any points you earned during a previous session will carry over to the new session.
How do I check how many points I have? You can check your balance at any time by sending the word POINTS to 30499. You will receive a reply SMS indicating your current standing in the game.
How can I learn more about the competition? You can learn more about the game by visiting
How many trivia questions can I answer each day? As a free player you can aswer 2 questions per day. If you upgrade to the VIP level, you can answer an additional 6 questions each day for a total of 8 per day.
What prizes can I win? Free players stand to win 1 of 1000 R10.00 airtime vouchers each day.


Players who subscribe to one or more of the content services in the campaign stand to win 1 of 14 weekly cash prizes to the value of R50 000.00


Players who subscribe to the VIP level stand to win the grand prize of R500 000.00 at the end of the campaign.

When will the winners be announced? In the case of the daily airtime prizes, winners will be chosen at random throughout the day. These prizes are awarded electronically in real time and winners will receive an SMS notification of the prize.


In the case of the weekly and grand cash prize draws, winners will be contacted once the draws have been finalized.

How are points allocated? Point are allocated for specific actions you take during the game according to the table below:


Action Points Awarded
Register as new player 500
Upgrade to VIP 1000
Subscribe to a content service 1000
Correct trivia answer 100
Incorrect trivia answer 10
Successful charge for VIP or content service 500



How are winners selected? Winner are selected by a random draw engine from the list of qualified entrants. Each point that a player has counts as one entry into the draw(s) they qualify for.
When will the draws take place? Draws for the daily airtime prizes will take place throughout the day in realtime.


Draws for the weekly cash prizes will be conducted each Monday during the campaign for the previous week.


The draw for the grand prize will take place on the first business day following the end of the campaign.

Can I win more than one prize? You can win more than once in the daily airtime draws. No restrictions apply to this prize category.


You can only win one prize in each of the cash prize categories – so, for example, if you win a weekly cash prize you will not be able to win another but you may still be selected as the winner of the grand prize.


Where can I view the terms and conditions for the campaign? You can view these at


How much does it cost to participate? Participation in the basic trivia game is free of charge – all SMS sent to 30499 are free.


Subscription to the VIP level costs R3.00/day.


Subscription to any of the promoted content services costs R3.00/day per service.


How many content services can I subscribe to? You can subscribe to as many of the services as you like.
Where can I access more frequently asked questions about the campaign?