How Does the Game Work?

1. Register and Start Playing (Free component)

  • SMS “Win” “Play” to 30499 to start playing.
  • SMS sent to the allocated shortcode are zero-rated (no cost to the customer).
  • Once the customer has opted-in they will receive a “welcome message” to briefly introduce the game and provide simple instructions on how to play.
  • The customer will then receive their first trivia question. Each question is sent by SMS and is in multiple choice format with two possible answers – one correct and one incorrect, numbered “1” and “2”. In order to answer the question, the customer should reply to the SMS with only the number they believe represents the correct answer.
  • After each question, the customer will receive feedback on their last response (correct or incorrect, how many points were earned and what the customer’s current points balance is) as well as the next question.
  • This flow will continue until the customer has answered all the daily questions. Customers who are playing for free (non-VIP, see below) will be able to answer a maximum of 2 question per day.
  • A correct answer awards the customer more points than an incorrect answer (e.g. 5 points for a correct answer and 1 point for an incorrect answer).
  • Points earned for answering questions as a free player count as entries into the daily airtime prize draws.


2. Upgrading to VIP (Daily subscription, optional)

  • In between receiving questions, customers who are not yet VIP players will receive messages asking them if they would like to upgrade to VIP.
  • In order to upgrade, the customer simply needs to respond “yes” to the offer message that they receive during the game.
  • The customer also has the option to reply “no” to skip the offer and continue playing for free.
  • By upgrading to the VIP level, customers can answer an additional 6 questions each day to earn more points and the points that they do accumulate will also count towards the VIP level draw. The customer will also receive a once-off points bonus for subscribing to the offer.
  • Subscriptions to the VIP level will be automatically cancelled at the end of the campaign and customers will not be billed for VIP membership after the final day of the campaign.


3. Subscribing to content services (Daily subscription, optional)

  • In additional to the VIP offer, both free and VIP customers will receive offer messages to subscribe to one of several Telkom Plus content services promoted as part of the campaign.
  • These offers will be received in between questions, as with the VIP offer.
  • In order to subscribe to a service, the customer needs to respond “yes” to the offer message.
  • The customer will also have the option to reply “no” to the offer message to skip it and continue playing.
  • By subscribing to a content service, the customer will receive full access to the service and its benefits, a once-off points bonus for subscribing and subsequent points that are accumulated will also count as entries into the weekly content service prize draws for as long as the customer remains subscribed to the service(s).
  • Each content service subscription is standalone and applies to that particular service i.e. the daily fee is charged in respect to that service. Should a customer choose to subscribe to more than one of the promoted services, each service will be billed individually.
  • At the end of the promotion, the customer will be notified that the campaign has ended and that no further prizes will be awarded. Customers will remain subscribed to the content services and can continue to enjoy access to the service but will be given instructions on how to unsubscribe should they no longer wish to use the service after the campaign.